Besides making art objects for interiors, Petr Beránek also produces decorative art for interior and exterior walls (and rooms). These are usually large glass objects, secured by a suitable fixture.

The following objects have been installed:

  • 2013: Supernova, Light installation; Praxis Dr. Sutter, Grono
  • 2009: Turnable glass installation near to Geneva; No name
  • 2007: glass installation in the Grand Champ Theatre in the city of Gland; Scènes de Vie
  • 2006. Hoenners Blau, private request and buyer
  • 2005: glass installation on the wall of Mepha Pharma AG in Aesch; Vielfalt


See all installed objects in online gallery.

The artist also made the following proposals:

  • 2009: glass installation for the new psychiatry building in Prangins/CH (with the architect Marie-Anne Prénat)
  • 2008: decoration of the swiss post sorting centre in Eclépens/CH with the project People; Petr Beránek won the second prize in this competition
  • 2008: glass/stone installation in the Lausanne Metro entitled Hommage à Béjart (with the sculptress Nathalie Delhaye)
  • 2007: glass installation for the reformed church in Montreux/VD
  • 2006: glass installation for the harbour of Portland, USA
  • 2006: glass installation for the church in Harfleur/F
  • 2004: glass installation Sous le ciel de Genève, an entry to the international competition to decorate the departure hall of Geneva Airport

These projects were not implemented.